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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Systems

As underfloor heating specialists, we have extensive experience and expertise in designing, installing and maintaining Underfloor Heating systems that achieve perfect indoor climate control, whilst providing the benefit of luxurious warm floors.

Underfloor Heating (UFH) is an increasingly popular choice for architects, builders and property developers and appeals both to homeowners and the construction industry because of its advantages over conventional heating systems. Our underfloor heating installation is available for both commercial and domestic properties and for virtually all floor types, in both new and existing buildings.

UFH Climate Control

Through using Underfloor Heating companies it is possible to control the climate of your environment. UFH is considered an efficient way to heat buildings, as it warms large surface areas at low temperatures, providing you with a comfortably warm environment.

UFH systems can eliminate the need for radiators, offering you with additional space, more wall area and an improved decorative, high end finish for your interiors.

We can design an Underfloor Heating system to work with high temp fossil fuel systems (gas or oil) or low temp renewable systems, such as air source or ground source.

Range of Underfloor Heating systems

At Terra Therma, we offer a range of UFH systems and we would be pleased to give you professional friendly advice on a system best suited to your individual needs and requirements.


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screedUFH systems are designed to produce a specific thermal output by altering the frequency or density of the pipe spacing. Our Heated Floor Screed Underfloor Heating (UFH) system is constructed of warm water UFH pipes, normally fixed to thermal insulation then encased within concrete or screed.

Various screeds can be used ranging from self-levelling liquid screeds to semi-dry cementitious hand finished screeds. Screeds can be chemically altered to accelerate drying times or reduce thickness, are quick to lay and normally allow light foot traffic after 24 hours. Heated Floor Screeds are available to suit all types of commercial and domestic UFH installations and almost any type of floor covering, including carpet, ceramic and timber, can be used with this system.

Floor Screed Specialists

Our underfloor heating technicians have fast developed into floor screed specialists. Insulation is laid below the pipes to prevent downward heat loss and tacker pins are used to hold pipe work in place, whilst screed is being laid. Once your pipe work is installed, in accordance with the individual pipe layout we have designed for you, the system is filled with water and tested to determine that no damage has occurred during the installation process and also allows monitoring during screeding.


WOOD 22Our Wood 22 Underfloor Heating (UFH) system is specially designed to reduce the water temperature in timber systems. Due to the heat being above the 22mm load bearing floor, your energy savings can be enormous!

A typical 22mm wood flooring will hold back around 8°C, therefore requiring a higher flow temperature, which will result in increased energy consumption.

Reduce energy consumption and flow temperatures

Wood 22 however, is designed to reduce energy consumption and reduce flow temperatures of the UFH system. With reduced flow temperatures, Wood 22 is an ideal partner for low temperature heat sources, such as our renewable energy Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs). With flow temperatures equal to that of a screed system (around 35°C), the CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of your heat pump can considerably improve!

Made bespokely

Wood 22 is constructed from moisture resistant 22mm chipboard flooring (V313 P5) laid at 90° to the joist direction or over an existing level deck. We can supply plain straight or routed turning boards. Where possible, feed or supply pipes are laid below the Wood 22 boards or bespoke routed into the Wood 22 surface, ensuring sufficient insulation has been installed below. Our engineers make any necessary bespoke routes into the boards, then aluminium heat distribution plates and/or pipes are installed in accordance with the individual layout we design for you.

Our Wood 22 system will produce a maximum output of 70w/m2.

Floating Floor


Our floating floor system is suitable for floating floors on solid floor constructions. This system is constructed of a grooved insulation board manufactured out of virtually any type and thickness (no less than 20mm).

Within the boards, is a pre-made route to receive an aluminium diffusion or spreader plate and pipe of varying size. This system is fast and clean to install, with no drying times, usually associated with screeded systems. The floating floor system can receive various floor finishes ranging from tongue and groove chipboard (which is most popular) to cementitious boards that will add increased structural support and thermal retention.

The system can be installed in conjunction with an acoustic quilt or mat if there are part E constraints on your project and will produce a maximum output of 100w/m2.

Thin Overlay

Our EPS 16 Underfloor Heating (UFH) system is an ultra thin system specially designed for retro fit, or projects with restricted floor height.

This system is constructed of high density ultra thin 16mm slotted insulation boards, with a 0.5mm factory fixed aluminium heat distribution plate, which covers the entire surface of your insulation board. The slotted board, turning board and feeding board are made of high density EPS, which provides extremely high resistance to short and long term compression. This system has routed channels to receive a 12mm UFH pipe at 150mm centres.

EPS 16 Underfloor Heating Boards

EPS 16

Our EPS 16 system can either be loose laid or bonded to your subfloor, depending on your project specifics and required floor covering. The EPS 16 system can receive virtually any floor covering and is even dense enough to tile directly on to.

Our EPS 16 system will produce a maximum output of 100w/m2.

Commercial Structural Slab

TACKER PIN ScreededOur Commercial Structural Slab system is generally used in commercial or industrial floors where traditional slab, insulation and screed construction is not required.

UFH pipes are attached to a steel reinforcing mid section using either cable ties or specialist metal ties. Usually the heat outputs associated with these types of floors are much lower than standard screeded floors and hence the centres are often spaced out to 300mm using a larger 20mm diameter pipe. Careful attention is paid to positioning and subsequent avoidance of expansion bays. The UFH layout is designed around the expansion bays and movement conduit is used to allow expansion joints free movement and prevent risk of shearing.