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There are a number of different options when it comes to screeding to cover all job and costing requirements.

Firstly, a dry screed made up of a mix of sand, cement and water can be used (commonly to a ratio of 4:1). Although this can be the most economical option, there can be problems with cracking, therefore added fibres may be recommended to reduce this risk. There is also the option of usingĀ  additives which provide the benefits of speeding up the drying time whilst preventing cracks. Secondly a liquid mix can be used of which there are two types. These can be beneficial as it can be hosed into place therefore large areas can be covered in shorter time periods. Both Anhydrite (or calcium sulphite) and liquid cement mixes can be laid in the manner. However the drying time may be longer with an Anhydrite Screed rather than the sand and cement mix.

Lastly a power floated screed is also available. This process is applied to a sand and cement mix whereby a finish is applied to the top of screed using specialized machinery. The benefits of this process are a smooth, flawless surface is given whilst increasing the durability and makes this more suitable for high traffic areas as well as areas where forklifts, for example are used.

With all of these options the correct insulation and damp proofing should be installed prior to the laying of the screed. This may vary dependant on floor size and usage.

Heated Floor Screed

UFH systems are designed to produce a specific thermal output by altering the frequency or density of the pipe spacing. Our Heated Floor Screed Underfloor Heating (UFH) system is constructed of warm water UFH pipes, normally fixed to thermal insulation then encased within concrete or screed.

Various screeds can be used ranging from self-levelling liquid screeds to semi-dry cementitious hand finished screeds. Screeds can be chemically altered to accelerate drying times or reduce thickness, are quick to lay and normally allow light foot traffic after 24 hours. Heated Floor Screeds are available to suit all types of commercial and domestic UFH installations and almost any type of floor covering, including carpet, ceramic and timber, can be used with this system.

Floor Screed Specialists

Our underfloor heating technicians have fast developed into floor screed specialists. Insulation is laid below the pipes to prevent downward heat loss and tacker pins are used to hold pipe work in place, whilst screed is being laid. Once your pipe work is installed, in accordance with the individual pipe layout we have designed for you, the system is filled with water and tested to determine that no damage has occurred during the installation process and also allows monitoring during screeding.

For further information and advice on appropriate screed thicknesses, insulation and finishes please do not hesitate to get in touch for quotations and guidance. We are approved installers of Knopp, Gvylon, Cemex, Ardex and other brands.


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