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Underfloor Heating Maintenance

Central Heating Maintenance

Homeowners, architects, construction firms and commercial and industrial enterprises trust Terra Therma with their heating needs. No other company can provide you with such comprehensive design, installation and maintenance services – all founded on a genuine depth of knowledge that keeps pace with a changing industry. As part of this, our commercial and domestic heating maintenance is designed to keep your world warm when you need it. With our engineers just a phone call away, we can keep your heating system in excellent order to ensure it serves you for years to come. See below for a list of the heating maintenance services we provide.

Available through Terra Therma

Fault Finding & System Diagnosis

Terra Therma have a wide knowledge of all heating systems and can undertake fault finding and system diagnostics to come up with cost effective and rapid remedies. This ensures the heating system continues to run smoothly and efficiently and most importantly keeping the running costs at the correct level.

For more information on what is available from our teams, do not hesitate to call or e-mail

Control Set Up & Wiring

The control system is a vital part of your heating. The control wiring centre acts as an interface between the thermostats and the actuators and also controls the circulating pump, two port control valve and enables / turns on the primary heat source. Therefore it should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the condition and operation of the control set up and wiring are in the correct working order.

If you have any queries please call or e-mail Terra Therma for assistance

Servicing & Management

At Terra Therma we care about protecting your investment, therefore we can oversee the maintenance of each component for their life cycle in order to ensure the optimization of the systems efficiency. We have a wide knowledge of all major systems and all of the new upgrades that are currently available.

We offer our clients a range of servicing and maintenance packages to cover all needs and eventualities as we have the expertise within our team to cover under floor heating, solar thermal, heat Pumps, biomass systems, unvented hot water systems and conventional gas and oil boilers. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Planned Maintenance

To have a planned heating maintenance regime in place creates a peace of mind that your heating system will continually work at maximum efficiency. This allows for costs to kept as low as possible and for the environmental advantages to be reached and maintained. As we understand that this is important to our customers, Terra Therma is happy to offer a variety of planned maintenance packages that will suit all requirements.

To obtain further details on what Terra Therma can offer you, contact us by either phone or e-mail.


The balancing of systems is very beneficial. Often we change our living and working habits such as converting a bedroom into a study or a change and rearranging of furniture. These types of changes may also warrant alterations to the way a room is heated, for instance we may want it to stay warmer for longer periods during the day. Even if you decide to incorporate a new floor covering such as a thicker rug, this can all be accounted for by our balancing team to keep up the optimal running of your heating, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of a correctly set system.

Please call for more information on this service and our team will be happy to help.


In the unlikely event that you require any repairs to your heating system, Terra Therma can offer all of the advice and services required to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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