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Our team of trained underfloor heating experts are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience.

We take pride in the excellent standard of service we offer. Our team have all the training and knowledge to help you with any questions that you have. We can help with:

  • Selection of Underfloor and renewable systems for very early stages of your project
  • Visiting you or your project to assess your needs and how we can help you
  • Answering Any Questions you have about Renewable Energy, Underfloor heating or screed
  • Explaining the best system for your project based on cost, performance and government grants
  • Detailing approximate costs, potential savings and projected running costs
  • Certifications:┬áIn compliance with EN1264. Full personal indemnity insurance and warranty. Current Health & Safety card

Contact our team of friendly Underfloor Heating and Renewable Energy experts with any questions you have.

Underfloor heating specialists


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Renewable heating systems are a healthy and cost-effective option, which can reduce your energy consumption costs considerably.

Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating systems can warm large surface areas at low temperatures, whilst allowing you to control the climate of the room.


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Our heated floor screed systems are designed to produce specific thermal output, which suits both industrial and residential premises.


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Our expert engineers will keep your heating system in excellent order, to ensure it fully serves its purpose. We offer a range of maintenance solutions.