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Quinn Architects

quinnarchsTerra Therma and Quinn Architects have come together and collaborated on this innovative new beach front property located in St Osyth in North East Essex. Both teams were committed to building a sustainable heating system that would benefit both the guests and the environment.

Quinn Architects – founded by Laurence Quinn in 2001 – have always prided themselves over precision and detail, and this project was testament to their design ethic.

Terra Therma worked closely with Quinn Architects to create the features necessary for this spacious design. Terra Therma has designed and installed underfloor heating using a Samsung air source heat pump to provide both warmth and comfort for the guests of unique property.. The beach house is a weekend residence which features phenomenal views of both the English Channel and the nature reserve.

Guests are provided with Internet/iPad remote access which allows them to control the air source heat pump, underfloor heating and hot water from anywhere at any point in time. The heat pump allows the kitchen, two bedrooms and bathroom to be insulated so no room gets left out.

The under croft is prone to floods, especially during high tide, so the location of the beach house meant that Terra Therma had to heavily consider how to locate the air source pump and underfloor heating system, so the heating system was scaled and installed underground. This is believed to be an innovative strategy as it gives the beach house more space and movement for the guests.

This unique beach house has been supplied with sustainable and efficient heating systems, which will comfort visitors for years and help reduce the buildings carbon footprint.