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Oyster Pier

Terra Therma and Oyster Pier have collaborated in producing 10 custom-made Dutch barges as part of a prestigious project. Oyster Piers commitment to providing top notch luxury living to its buyers made them an excellent and unique client to work with.The Dutch barges are typically 40m long and are interior-designed to buyer’s specifications. Residents will be able to enjoy the views of London and the River Thames in comfort, thanks to the sustainable heating systems, which were provided by Terra Therma.

One of the barges designed and built has been supplied with two air source heat pumps, provided by Terra Therma; one is for comfort cooling and the other is for heating and hot water access. The other 9 barges also featured underfloor heating.

Apart from the custom heating, these barges also have access to private moorings on the south bank of the River Thames. This gives residents a permanent location for each boat and access to the nearby areas of Chelsea Harbour and Battersea. Battersea Village has several attractions to visit such as bars, restaurants and markets. The nearby Battersea Square offers a ‘chic’ and friendly vibe to its visitors and also offers different attractions for families and couples, such as the Children’s Zoo and Sambrooks Brewery.

Oyster Piers unique residential mooring has changed the way people live on water and have incorporated gorgeous views and facilities along with comfortable living. Terra Therma are pleased to have worked with such an eminent company that are re-inventing residential living.

Oyster Pier