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Chigwell School

chigwell-schoolOne of Chigwell School’s biggest needs was expansion of their prep school which has always catered for children from the age of 7. Those needs have been answered with the introduction a new building which will feature 8 classrooms for up to 108 children. The new building will open its doors in September 2013 to new students aged between 4 and 7.

Terra Therma worked in conjunction with Morgan Clark Building Services and has designed, supplied and installed the underfloor heating system into the brand-new 700sq.m building. Both teams were committed providing the best and most suitable space for education.

As well as classrooms, the building will also feature a library where students will be able to read, study and use computers. The building will be a secluded site, which means that twenty four extra parking spaces and ten cycle spaces will be built as well.

The system was designed to complement the overall design of the building which was provided by AWA Building Services Consultants. The building boasts renewable technology with the underfloor heating system, provided by Terra Therma playing a major role in helping reduce the buildings carbon footprint. The UFH will provide warmth to the entire building whilst only taking up a limited amount of space.

Chigwell School is one of England’s oldest schools, and was originally built in 1629. It has gradually increased its number of students as well as becoming one of the best private schools in Essex.

This expansion will provide the school with a new building which will not only boost the number of students, but the quality of education offered as well. Terra Therma are proud to have been involved in such a prestigious project that will improve the learning experiences in Chigwell Prep School.